Arval is working on Leasing Offers for Electric Drive Vehicles

A research confirms the steady increase of fleet green vehicles

Fotogallery The focus on the Environment is dominating the agenda of carmakers and not only, and it is increasingly fuelling a “green economy” which is evolving as a real opportunity of development.

Arval, a company of the BNP Paribas group, is a leader in long-term company car rental and in fleet management, and already provides global support for new fleets of environmentally friendly vehicles. It is a cutting-edge service able to interpret and foresee a demand that is thought to have great potentials of development.

Therefore a partnership between Arval and Renault has been established. It is an agreement which aims to supply new leasing offers tailored for electric vehicles and it includes the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The Renault-Nissan’s vision is in perfect keeping with Arval’s, according to which the electric car is one of the solutions to environmental issues. Laurent Trèca, Chairman and CEO of Arval said: “Arval has been interested in alternative solutions to “all petrol” for a long time. The determination with which Renault, a leading volume car manufacturer, is working on this, considerably improves the likelihood of seeing electric vehicles as a credible alternative to the traditional petrol engine" and he added: “The electric car is the real technological breakthrough that will make significant reductions in CO2 emissions possible and we foresee to have a complete range of electric vehicles available from 2011.” On this purpose the French carmaker has supplied the electric prototipe Kangoo Be Bop Z.E. for specific test drives that will be testing the technology the final model will be equipped with.

A CVO (Corporate Vehicle Observatory) research has drawn attention to the growing number of green vehicle fleets and, according to Mike Waters, Arval’s head of market insight, the business sector could simply be responsible for the spread of new automotive technologies.

The Corporate Vehicle Observatory has the purpose of monitoring the market of business vehicles and of spreading the “culture” of company mobility in all its aspects, for the benefit, on one side, of the people involved in the sector, and on the other side, of the whole market which, thanks to the information about services concerning mobility, changes and innovations, might eventually capitalize on that.

The research, carried out in twelve countries, has shown that mainly big companies (with at least 1,000 employees) tend to adopt green vehicles: actually 55% of them use energy efficient fleet vehicles and over 40% has got at least a hybrid one. The research points out that business demand for green vehicles is likely to increase in the future, as 68% of firms is interested in switching to more efficient brands in the next two years. However, 60% of them is considering to adopt eco-friendly business fleet vehicles within the next three years, thanks to the market offers which include different technologies such as Lpg, methane, electric drive, biofuels and hybrid systems.

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