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FIAT and Chrysler Agreement: their Partners' Views on Eco Driving

Might the agreement between Fiat and Chrysler upset the partnerships that each of the two carmakers has set up in the eco driving sector? In order to monitor drivers’ eco-compatible style, Fiat has started an Eco Drive programme in collaboration with Microsoft, while, for the same purpose, Chrysler has adopted the Peapod software of the Apple iPhone.

The former enables drivers to download information about distances run, average fuel consumption and acceleration on a USB pen drive linked to a pc, and then has their own environmental performance processed and assessed.

Instead, thanks to the iPhone, which has proven to be a popular and versatile tool, Chrysler has thought of using it in its own GreenEcoMobility programme (GEM): the GEM Peapod electric city car has a specific dock for the Cupertino smart-phone, which is equipped with the Peapod application that allows the engine to start, entertains the passengers with its own multimedia contents and gives them advice on green driving.

The GEM Peapod, exhibited at the latest New York Auto Show, is slated to be produced by next October.

Should the maker of the American car’s bailout set his view on the matter, he would possibly choose the latter option, since he himself has widely used Apple computers during his presidential campaign and brought them to the White House.

However, at this stage it will be the market to have its say.

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