Schwarzenegger Brings the Green American Wave to Geneva

In addition to Tesla and Fisker, California will host fuel cell Volkswagen vehicles

Fotogallery Schwarzenegger, California governor, must have been quite comfortable while visiting the Geneva Motor Show. First of all, because he was so close to Austria, his mother country, but mainly because some cars on display were children of his environmental policy: the Fisker Karma and Karma S models and the nude-look Tesla and the Tesla Brabus.

However, California will soon host more zero-emission vehicles: in addition to the eight fuel cell Volkswagen cars, which will be exhibited at the California Fuel Cell Partnership, there will be further 16 Passat Lingyu Fuel Cell cars.

According to Prof. Dr Jurgen Leohold, head of Volkwagen Group Research, the Passat Lingyu is the result of Volkswagen Group’s long-standing commitment to develop new solutions for a clean future, a task which has also involved the collaboration of the Tongii University researchers for the making of these vehicles, based on one of China’s best-selling Volkswagen platforms.

On the motorway the Passat Lingyu can reach 145 km/h, has a fuel range of 235 km. and emits just some water vapour.

After logging 80,467 kilometre, John Tillman, program manager for the Volkswagen U.S. Advanced Powertrain Research Program, thinks that the California Fuel Cell Partnership is to be the best showcase for this car.

"We will not achieve sustainability alone," said Anna Schneider, director of government-industry relations for Volkswagen Group of America. "We need global solutions to global problems and these international and domestic partnerships are absolutely critical to advancing our environmental objectives."

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