Tata unveils the electric Indica prototype

On sale in Norway next year and in India within two, looking forward to the infrastructures

To allow people to drive a car in such a huge country like India and at the same time to ride the wave of alternative fuels is not certainly everybody’s job. Except for Tata that, on the one hand, offers the country a low-cost car at an economically booming time, on the other hand, it is attracted by electric technology.

Tata Motors has unveiled the prototypes of the electric versions of the Indica and Ace at the SIAM annual Expo, the motor show of Indian automakers in New Delhi. These cars are equipped with li-ion batteries imported and developed by the UK research division of Tata Motors, in collaboration with a Norwegian company concerned with alternative fuels.

The electric Indica should be launched in Norway next year, as, according to what claimed by Ravi Kant, president of Tata Motors “has the necessary infrastructure in place to run electric cars which India lacks.”

The electric Indica is equipped with battery stacks which at full capacity enable the car to run between 175 and 200 kilometres.

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