The Lazio Region Administration promotes EcoFest

The festival fully dedicated to the environment is back to the capital

Today and tomorrow Villa Borghese will host the second edition of EcoFest, the environment festival promoted by the Lazio Region Department for the Environment and for the Cooperation among the Peoples and by the Lazio Development Agency. The programme is rich in events such as conferences, educational workshops, exhibition areas, shows and concerts, all of them aiming at making the participants aware of the new challenges and the different sides of sustainability: economic, social, environmental. Of course, sustainable mobility could not be left out. In this specific regard the Lazio Region Administration commitment has to be underlined by the attendance at the H2Roma energy&mobility show 2008 event with its own initiatives.

As far as green building is concerned, the Lazio Region Administration will showcase its ‘eco home’, a building made by using the most advanced technologies in order to save energy
The ‘eco home’ needs a quarter of energy and emits 20% of CO2 less than a conventional house and allows people to save annually over € 3,000. Among the initiatives there will be the free distribution of draught detergents and participants to the festival will be given a voucher to be used in one of the outlets in the Lazio area. Friday and Saturday at 9.30 pm there will be two free concerts. Irene Grandi, the festival’s endorser, will stage a concert on the 20th, while the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, in cooperation with the National Geographic, will play on 21st.



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