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Volkswagen meets BYD for Teaming up on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Following the recent partnership between Daimler and Tesla, another German carmaker is looking for a partner to set up an agreement on hybrid and electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries.

At the moment the car world seems to be split into two halves: on one side European carmakers still clinging to traditional technologies, on the other side the Asian ones who have first made a breach towards the car of the future.

Actually partnerships such as Nissan-Renault and PSA-Mitsubishi are evidence of it, mainly as far as the electric car and the hording of li-ion batteries are concerned.

So, now it could be the turn of Volkswagen to choose BYD as a partner: according to Harvard University BYD is ranking among the first 4 world producers of three different technologies of rechargeable batteries as well as of some electric cars exhibited at the Detroit Motor Show 2009.

Just last week, Wang Chuanfu, the BYD president, who has lately hit the headlines for drinking the fluid of the batteries produced by his company, headed a delegation of Chinese executives visiting Germany.

They stopped first at the Isenbutten Elektrotraktion Technology Centre and then at Wolsburgh test tracks where they made test drives on a wide range of vehicles among which the Golf twinDrive and an electric prototype.

Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen's executive board member for technical development, while talking with the Chinese executives, said that Volkswagen is still working on the ‘BlueMotion Technologies’ line and they foresee that the hybrid and electric technologies will be steadily growing; and particularly for the Chinese market, potential partners such as BYD could support the German carmaker in quickly expanding his activities.

After that the presidents of the two companies, Dr Martin Winterkorn and Wang Chuanfu signed a memorandum of understanding on exploring options for teaming up on the development of hybrid and electric vehicles powered by li-ion batteries.

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