Warren Buffett Takes to the Wheel of the Car of the Future

His investing instinct has driven him to BYD, a Chinese maker of batteries and electric cars

The way leading to the electric car can be compared to a rising road that then slopes.

The uphill road represents the part of the journey that is visible and it’s the harder one, entailing strain and taking time. The downhill side is, instead, unknown because we can’t see it, but it is certainly easier to run and it takes less time to ride it.

We do feel that both Warren Buffett and Wang Chuan-Fu are now running the uphill side, looking forward to being soon on the sloping one. Actually their expectations are quite hopeful: Buffett, one of the world’s most successful investors, has lately invested in China’s BYD, a leading company making batteries, cellular handsets and electric plug-in cars.

Buffett had been told that Wang Chuan-Fu, BYD’s Chief Executive Officer, was a character halfway between Thomas Edison and Jack Welch and that description got him to think of BYD as a possible world builder of electric cars as well as a leader in solar energy, which might be eventually used to charge batteries.

According to Harvard University researchers, in 2002 BYD, China’s greatest battery maker, became one of the world’s first four, producing rechargeable batteries that use three different technologies (Li-ion, NiCad, NiMH).

In order to demonstrate that BYD batteries are not dangerous or toxic, Wang Chuan-Fu has recently staged a show by drinking their fluid. Since he is still alive, we cannot but wish him and Mr Buffett to enjoy their ride downhill.

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Autore: Giuseppe Gandolfi


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